Eynsham 10km 2014

I did a bit of training for the Eynsham 10k determined to start getting a bit faster again. A couple of interval sessions and reasonably consistently running sub 9 minute miles on my routine runs I thought I could sneak in under 50 minutes.

Last day of November I cycled out as usual, getting there a bit too early but not wanting to hang about in a hall full of runners, I was one of the first to the start on the dead-end Old Witney Road. Bit of a warm-up and a chat with familiar faces then we were off.

Maybe a bit over eager for the first lap I was getting all my miles under 8 minutes but struggling a bit on the 2nd lap I was a bit slower but confident of hitting my target unless something went badly wrong.

Nik Eynsham 10k 2014

Thanks Barry Cornelius for the photo!

The result was 49:35 341st of 568 so happy with that.